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How to apply for a meeting with EECA CAB

EECA CAB meets with companies manufacturing and/or supplying drugs, diagnostics and equipment for the treatment of HIV, tuberculosis and Hepatitis C in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to discuss clinical trials, product pipeline and portfolio, quality and access issues (pricing, patents, registration). The minutes of the meetings, after they are approved by the company, are considered a public document and are available at the website of EECA CAB, as well as on website of partner organizations.

Other companies can also apply for a meeting with EECA CAB; these applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

To apply for a meeting with EECA CAB, authorized representatives of a company should write a letter of interest in a free form to either of the Secretariat members (Vladimir Mayanovskyi: vovan333555@mail.ru). The Secretariat will contact the company representatives indicated in the letter at the earliest opportunity.

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