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EECA countries are out of BMS access strategy

EECA CAB addressed to BMS to respond to the company’s access policy related to hepatitis C drugs. Activists expressed their position in regards to that fact that only 4 countries from the region are included in the strategy.

Global pharmaceutical companies on the whole continue to neglect the region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia when it comes to providing access to direct-acting antiviral medicines for treating HCV to all people in need; the policy of BMS, sadly, does not seem to be an exception.

«The tiered-pricing approach, which BMS is planning to use in most of the EECA countries based on the information available on the website, seldom takes into account the average income of people and the ability of the government to pay for the healthcare service. Given certain examples of BMS access policy in the region, such as unwillingness to reduce prices for atazanavir in Russia, we fear that a similar situation may occur in the field of hepatitis C drugs», — activists say.

Read full text of the EECA CAB open letter to BMS.

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